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 Attracted by Cape School Impressionism's sensibility for "light key" and "atmospheric envelope" to rediscover The Outer Cape as an adult in late May of 2002, he arrived with little more than a french easel in a framepack, to relish and absorb this narrow spiralling peninsula's vibrant oceanic luminosity, which had drawn Charles Hawthorne to found what some claim the world's oldest continuous art colony about four generations earlier.

 Informally residing for a few months in the building that had served as The Cape School of Art at the end of Pearl Street, this bohemian niched in the nuance of untrained association. As the youngest self-directed, full-time and residential plein air-ist in Provincetown's aging and gentrifying fine visual art scene, his anachronism would intensify - still thus distinct over a decade later.

 His stylized realism genesised in the painterly exalt of richly impastoed au priemer coups amongst these tides and dunes, from whence he embarks e'er again.

Vascio on The Cape

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