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From plainly painted, charging or howling beasts hanging off the dilapedated remnants of a declined local fishing industry; to a bodaciously unkempt goddess hoisted unto a partriarch's ill-fated courtship upon inscrutable concrete ruins in a salt marsh; to extinct species juxtaposed with living relatives; to ostrich chicks upheld by crocodilian jaws, symbolizing precocious glimmers of self-awareness defying underdog precarity; to bats pinned to a guard rail crying out against their own submerged "battiness"; to outstretched hands gesturing all shades between resignation and resurgence, militancy and open-ended potentiation; to roses still brightly alive in their darkening wilt, to landscapes wistfully scripted upon the point of pained beckoning: these series within a series bespeak a sense of undying savage passion in a world gone very old.


Outermost Art Wanderings

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